"I went through a major life change and found that the Healing Path Essences helped with every step of my journey. They were there to deal with my anger, grieving heart, letting go, wild freedom and when I was ready, communication with God. They gave me the strength to face each day."  

"I was impressed by the fast response that these essences can produce."

Allyson Wigan Adrian Incledon-Webber

“I am inspired by how lifted I feel within myself by their (essences) benefit. Thank you so much I love them.” 

Alice - Kent

"While I was very much looking forward to a special trip (abroad), I also felt unnaturally concerned about it. The essences that Janita gave me were very effective in dispelling my apprehension." 

Joy - Warwickshire

“We are soon to move to our new home. We asked Janita to clear it for us, and to do our present home. We sold immediately. The buying process has been the most troublesome I have ever experienced, but the knowledge that Janita felt the house was so right for us has given us patience and excitement to look forward. Thank you so much for helping us through this difficult time.”

J.B. - Sevenoaks