Life, from the moment of our birth is layered. Many of these layers become “over loads”. Just as when there are too many blankets on the bed and we cannot wiggle our toes or flex our ankles freely.

Many memories and emotions – some happy, some painful - are held within our personal layers. It is by listening carefully to each person’s story and intuitively choosing their essences, that the painful memories and emotions can be addressed and change can begin.

I believe that each of us long for comfort. Comfort within ourselves, to actually like ourselves. Comfort with our body. Comfort to be at ease with others, both at work and in the home.

My personal life experiences are wide ranging, beginning with my adoption story.

All of the essences I work with can also be used for the treatment of animals.

Most of these matters can be discussed during hourly appointments or by telephone and your essences then being posted to you.